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From: Jo Makepeace -
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 01:27:37 -0000
Subject: SchNEWS 528, Friday 20th January, 2006

Dalkeith Protest Camp Eviction


At 4:30am on Monday 16th January, eviction of protest sites in Dalkeith Country Park began. Police bailiffs have raided one of the sites, establishing a security cordon around the area but protesters are determined to resist the eviction. The first site was set up in October last year following the announcement that trees would be felled in the area to make way for the A68 bypass - and there were four camps, two have been evicted. The eviction is anticipated to last about two weeks and cost 1.4m. (For more about Dalkeith Park, and other current road protests see SchNEWS 522).

As SchNEWS goes to print, a 40-strong specialized eviction team have cleared out about half of the tree defences in a slow but so far peaceful process. Roads have been blocked to prevent supporters reaching the beleagured site, but as anyone who's been to Glastonbury should know, nothings impregnable.

People are urged to come down and help out.
Phone 077532 80009 or go to


UPDATE - 27th January 2006

From: "Jo Makepeace"
Subject: SchNEWS 529, Friday 27th January, 2006
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 02:43:39 -0000

This week the treehouses at Dalkeith Park protest camp were evicted - with the last camp taken by bailiffs on Wednesday with thirty one arrests... But as tree felling got under way work was stalled by the discovery of yet another camp in the path of the destruction in the form of protesters bunkering down in tunnels. In fact it was a badger sett - and now because of badgers' protected status, the developers have to wait until the council decide what to do with this final line of eco-resistance. A road-busting spokesbadger said that they will stay underground while their human counterparts pursue legal means to halt the destruction of the park.

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