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from SchNEWS, Issue 526 - 6th Jan 2006

Road Protests - round-up - January 2006

Dalkeith Country Park

Protest camps stopping a road cutting through Dalkeith Country Park face imminent eviction. Today (Fri 6th Jan) there is a safety meeting between bailiffs and protesters at the Dalkeith Park protest site, near Edinburgh (See SchNEWS 522). The eviction company (Richard Turner, who gained infamy at Newbury and Stanworth Valley for providing climbers to evict tree dwellers) have come up from Wales and could be eager to start work - the protesters fear that the site could get 48 hours notice making next Monday an eviction red alert day. In early December several protest camps were set up along the proposed route of the northern bypass cutting through the middle of the 850 acre park, and there was a reprieve because Conservation laws protected trees with bats entered their hibernating season. Despite this more trees were cut, turning a blind eye to the bats. Camps are protecting further damage and urgently need more people - this could be a matter of days not weeks. Site mobile 07743495582 and see


Also in Scotland, JAM74 - stopping the building of the M74 northern extension - a 6 lane motorway on concrete stilts - which is to cut straight through Glasgow's southern suburbs, and recently won the 'Pock Award' for worst planning decision of the year. (See SchNEWS 501 for more) Donations are currently needed to mount a legal challenge to the Scottish Executive -

Bilston Glen

Bilston Glen camp is going into its fifth year - protecting an ancient SSSI woodland just south of Edinburgh they want to re-route the A701 road through. For more see

Camp Bling

Camp Bling protest camp was set up in opposition to a road being built on Priory Park in Southend, Essex. It's now heading for its fourth month. As part of their campaign to stop the F5 (A127/A1159) road scheme, activists have constructed and occupied a tree camp right in the heart of town (See SchNEWS 519). Road work starts this year and eviction could be pending as soon as the council get enough dosh. A visitors centre is being planned for people to check out the site. Informal meetings with Parklife on third Wednesday of month starting 18th January 7.30pm upstairs at The Spread Eagle, Victoria Avenue, Prittlewell. The first of regular informal meetings with Parklife. Camp Bling line 07817 182394 -

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