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From: "Jo Makepeace" -
Subject: SchNEWS 522, Friday 25th November, 2005

Dalkeith Country Park Protest Camp


Help is needed urgently from now until the end of November to save 700 trees and hibernating bats at the Dalkeith Country Park near Edinburgh. Conservation laws prevent trees being cut after the end of November if they have bats in them, as this enters their hibernating season - making this week critical. The protest camp at the site was issued court papers this Tuesday for an eviction hearing today (Nov 25th), but either way if enough people are down there over the next week to prevent the three camps being evicted, the area will get a reprieve. People and equipment (locks, ropes, tarps, etc.) are needed NOW. The proposed Dalkeith Northern Bypass will cut in two the 850 acre park that serves as a valuable wildlife habitat and is visited by 50,000 people annually.

Contact - Dalkeith Protest Site Phone: 07783 904369

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