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From: "Jo Makepeace" -
Subject: SchNEWS 506, Friday 29th July, 2005
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 13:04:45 +0100

Karahnjukar Dam protest

Hotting Up In Iceland

The temperature's rising in Iceland, where protestors are battling to stop the disastrous Karahnjukar Dam from being built. The dam will cost over $1 billion, flood miles upon miles of pristine wilderness and line the pockets of aluminium giant Alcoa and war-profiteers Bechtel.

Icelanders pleaded for international solidarity and many have made the long journey there to help protect the wilderness. Iceland has no tradition of protest or direct action, so police and workers have been on the back foot against tactics they had never met before. A conference was interrupted by guerilla yoghurt-wielding protestors on June 14th, who coated fat cats in manky cow juice. At an action on July 19th, when protestors locked on to vehicles to stop work, police had to make up an Icelandic word for "lock-on"! A cop-car had to rush 100km to the nearest town to get some cutters. 13 were detained, but nobody has yet been charged. 25 protestors again locked on to vehicles to stop work on July 26th. Relations with the workers were relaxed, but when the cops arrived they ordered the drivers to start their vehicles and move off.

"It was terrifying, if someone hadn't jumped up on the front of the truck and pulled out the fuel line then I think people may have been killed last night" said Rob, one of the protesters from the UK. Police allegedly sexually assaulted one woman and another protestor was assaulted by security personnel while being held by police. Three people are being held on fabricated assault charges and may face deportation.

The protestors are appealing for solidarity actions and for people to come and stay at their protest camp and take part in the struggle.

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