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Subject: Devon County Council - Bypass crucial for development
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 10:14:03 -0000

Edward Chorlton (DCC) states bypass is crucial for development

Extract from Hansard - 1st Apr 1998 : Mr. Patrick Nicholls (Teignbridge) speaking -

Devon's excellent county engineer, Edward Chorlton, said: "The Newton Abbot to Torquay corridor already experiences severe congestion throughout much of the day and . . . is directly affecting the locational decisions of local businesses, with a number of local companies having relocated away from Torbay as a consequence of difficulties experienced in maintaining a reliable and predictable means of highway access . . ."

From the above it can be appreciated that the Newton Abbot to Torquay corridor is not only of great importance in terms of accommodating movement within the area but also of strategic importance in terms of providing the principal connection between Torbay and the wider area of Devon and the rest of the Country. It is also crucial to ensuring that the development potential of the area is unlocked."

Patrick Nicholls went on to claim -

...the extraordinary fact about this bypass is that I could count on the fingers of one hand--with some to spare--the number of letters of objection to it that I have had. The Kingskerswell bypass is unique for this reason, if for no other: that there is no opposition to it. There is no lesser crested aphid out there in the elephant grass waiting to reveal itself and hold up the scheme. Everybody, be they environmentalists, residents, holidaymakers or people with an interest in the commercial destiny of that part of the world, agrees that the scheme is vital.

Comment: Kingskerswell Downs are a scheduled ancient monument and a listed County Wildlife Site.
You have to ask yourself if the date had any bearing on that claim?

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