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From: stop the build -
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 12:29:28 +0000
Subject: save our trees urgent

Stop The Build - Save Our Trees (Lincoln)

Lincoln City Council have received plans to destroy and remove city street trees. The trees are in a conservation area and are listed. Why? So a developer can build 20 luxury flats. The developer has stated that luxury homes need car parking. He intends to build on a green field site that has never been built on and has remained the same since the last ice age. The site is an important green wedge for Lincoln - children in the early 90's were photographed with slow worms - but last year the developer bulldozed the site before undertaking a wildlife survey. The City Council's response? The developer has the right to do site investigations and they would take no action. Lincoln is one of the fastest growing city's in Europe and developers have a mandate from the City to do what they like.

Contact the Lincoln City Council case officer, Mr Peter Harness at -

Planning Dept Ref no2004/0856/f
City hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln LN1 1DF

The developer plans to put new trees on the site but this is tree privatisation by the back door. Objections need to be sent urgently.

email - for more info
or goto


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