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From: Brenda Pollack (FOE SE UK)
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:59:03 +0100
Subject: URGENT: Help stop the Bexhill - Hastings Link Road, email Alistair

Bexhill - Hastings Link Road email petition

Although the Hastings Eastern and Western Bypasses were turned down by Government in 2001, a new road almost identical to the Western Bypass, has been put forward by East Sussex County Council. They have asked the Government for £47M to build this road and we expect a decision in December.

We need as many people as possible to contact the government to show that there is a lot of opposition to this scheme. It is of national significance because if this road is approved, it would go against national Government policy which states that they will not approve new roads which damage environmentally sensitive areas unless it is absolutely vital to do so. It is essential for all of us that this policy is upheld in order to protect sensitive areas around the country.

E-mail Alistair Darling, Secretary of State for Transport, today. It is his department that have the final approval on the funding for this road. Our win on the Bypasses was a great victory but we need your help to ensure that the government doesn't do a u-turn now. Please try and send your letter in the next two weeks as Darling's advisor's are looking at the funding bid right now!

Please visit the following Hastings action webpage and email him directly with our draft letter (which you can amend if you wish).

A briefing giving more detail of our reasons for opposing this road can be found at

Please do pass this message on to colleagues, friends or family who might help. Many, many thanks.

Brenda Pollack

Contact details

Brenda Pollack (South East Regional Campaign Co-ordinator) 01273 766641
Simon Bowens (Transport Campaign Support) 0113 242 8151

Friends of the Earth, South East, 39-41 Surrey Street, BN1 3PB
Tel - 01273 766640
Fax - 01273 766678
Mobile - 07712 038533

PLEASE NOTE: I do not work on Mondays - Brenda

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