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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 07:00:19 +0100
Subject: Titnore - good news

Highways Agency Objects To West Durrington Plans

Good news! The Argus reports that the Highways Agency has objected to the controversial West Durrington development at Titnore Lane because of traffic congestion fears.

Anything that puts even a temporary spanner in the works of the desecration of our countryside has got to be cause for celebration. It is very telling, though, that Worthing Borough Council clearly regards this as bad news, judging by comments made to the press. It is always claiming that new housing is being forced on the borough through the quotas imposed by central government. This surely now gives Worthing the ideal excuse to turn round and tell the government that these quotas cannot be met - since the crucial objection is coming from one of the government's own agencies. The situation also shows quite clearly that the A27 bypass so favoured by the council would do nothing for the people of Worthing. It would just open the door to more and more development, more and more overcrowding of this borough and the loss of the few remaining green lungs we have been able to hang on to along the urbanised coastal strip.

We at worthing eco-action will continue to fight against development on any of Worthing's woodlands and green fields and against any possibility of new roads defacing our downland heritage.

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