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Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 15:21:48 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] Think Globally 64 (July 2004)


In defiance of a High Court injunction forbidding her to camp outside the Base, Helen John is currently camping full-time outside Menwith Hill. The camp is on the Kettlesing Head lay-by opposite the Black Bull pub on the A59 Harrogate - Skipton Road. Already she has had considerable publicity in the press, local radio and regional TV.

She has been tipped off that her presence is causing the Base great concern and extra police have been assigned to patrol duties. Since one of her banners was cut down and stolen in the night, a memorandum has been issued to all Base personnel ordering them to leave her alone. Any contact with peace protesters is prohibited to Base personnel.

Helen is expecting the Menwith Hill authorities to pressure the North Yorkshire County Council into taking legal action, which may be soon. (In 1996 MHS applied to the NYCC to evict the Women's Peace Camp - but it took them 3 years). Helen is anticipating a summons issued by the High Court for the breach of the Injunction. As this is a Court Order Helen is, in effect, in Contempt of Court and faces imprisonment. Helen has received support from local peace activists and members of the public.

Please support in any way you can. Please circulate this. Women are invited to join Helen at camp. Visitors, female or male, are welcome.

In peace, Anne Lee. Menwith Women's Peace Campaign


Sun 4 July - Annual Deno - NSA Menwith Hill - North Yorkshire

Come in your ball gown/costume to the 'Ugly Bug Ball'
in gratitude to Katharine Gun GCHQ Whistle Blower
organised by
Transport from Tyneside.

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