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Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 08:56:24 +0100
Subject: Saturday's protest

last ditch effort to save Titnore Woods

A LAST ditch effort to save a popular greenfield and woodland site in Worthing is being staged in the town centre on Saturday (July 10). 'Save Titnore Woods!' campaigners are meeting in Montague Place, near Woolworth's, at 2pm to protest against the West Durrington development, expected to be approved by Worthing Borough Council in the next few weeks.

Despite years of protests and letter-writing, a massive petition and overwhelming opposition to the scheme from local people, the authorities have shown no sign of trying to halt the developers' bid to build nearly 900 homes on one of the few remaining green spaces within the Worthing borough, with the loss of at least 200 trees. Said a campaigner: "This whole campaign has been very instructive for a lot of people as to how so-called democracy works in this country. If the Titnore development is allowed to go ahead, it will demonstrate once and for all that the views of local people simply do not matter to those in power."

"Our protest on Saturday will be calling on the new council to change its course and block the plan. But at the same time we will be sending out a message of defiance that we will keep on trying to stop this destruction for as long as we are physically able."

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