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Subject: Sherwood Site - UPDATE
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 19:32:56 +0100

Sherwood update

Local council have shown their true colors last night. They had a tree surgon say that the beech tree is on its way out. What's more, he says that the protesters have contributed to its demise!!!!!!!!

You can imagine the local press - TV, radio and papers!

We have already had a second opinion and he says the report was rubbish - but will the press report him? NO!

We are also trying to get across the fact that this protest is about more than ONE tree - there are 40 due to be felled. Will the media report that? NO!

The road survay the council did was a cover up for this tree report - did the media report that the road specialist worked for Bellway? NO! - they keep saying he was independant!!

So hold on to your hats guys and gals - we are on full defence.


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