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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 22:02:28 -0000
Subject: SchNEWS Issue 444 - Friday 5th March

Camp Updates

All these camps need more people to defend them -


A final eviction notice was granted on March 3rd, bailiffs could move in at any time. If you can't make it contact the land clearing contractor - Land & Water Services Ltd. of Guildford (01483 202733 - to remind them of the criminal investigation around the trashing of bat and dormice habitat at St David's Wood which makes their work illegal. All this destruction just for an access road into an industrial area!

Info - 07811 948764 or 07708 420446
For a map -


Rob, the protester who fell 50ft from a treehouse last week, is back on the Sherwood Forest protest site with a broken arm. The camp still needs the usual tat - plus extra climbing harnesses to prevent any more falls. The planning committee meet at Mansfield Civic Centre, 5pm March 10th and all are invited to make comments!

telephone - 07792 789 803


The camp is under imminent threat of eviction, bailiffs paid a recent visit to the camp. The camp has been going since 1999 to stop the destruction of Stanton Moor hillside in the Peak District National Park from quarrying, and to protect the Nine Ladies Stone Circle.

telephone - 0700 5942212


You thought it was over? No - East Sussex County Council are considering new routes for a A259 Bexhill Rd 'relief road', and make a decision in June. Originally the plan was quashed in 2001 (See SchNEWS 288, 313) when the govt rejected it on environmental impact grounds. Despite this, however, most of the newly proposed routes still trash the Combe Haven Site of Special Scientific Interest, one of Britain's most important wildlife sites.


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