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Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 17:52:29 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] Think Globally 62 (February 2004)

Block the Base at Menwith Hill 19 March 2004

On 19th march we aim to close the base with the use of non-violent blockades. We will stop traffic from entering or leaving the site (except in emergencies) and so disrupt the workings of the base. At the same time, we will hold a demonstration so that those wishing to support the event but not take part in direct action can legally demonstrate.

In doing so we achieve a number of aims. We interrupt the work of the base work which is illegal, immoral and unaccountable. We raise awareness of the workings of the base and its role in espionage, war-fighting and star wars. And we highlight the fact that this country has a number of US bases on its soil, unaccountable to the British people.

Transport from Newcastle tbc. 01274 730795

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