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Subject: SchNEWS 427, Friday 17th October, 2003
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 15:36:03 +0100

Old Kent Road resists ASDA evictions (London)


Since last October Wal-Mart, or as it's known in this country Asda, has been trying to build a massive supermarket on the Old Kent Road but thanks to local people, so far they have gotten nowhere. After physically resisting 3 evictions the campaign is still going strong. Old Kent Road, one of the poorest parts of London, doesn't need another supermarket as there are already three large ones plus many more local shops (which would probably go out of business if another Asda was built). What the area does need is a large community centre. There are 100,000 people living in estates within a mile of the site and understandably there is a high crime and apathy rate in the area.

So a call has gone out for people to come down and help, as the activists say "Whatever help you can offer including people to resist evictions we would be very grateful indeed. We would love to accommodate anyone with skills in permaculture, organics, alternative energy etc. Bearing in mind the conditions are pretty rough (we have had our water and electricity cut off many times). We see this as a wider issue, of globalization, about profit over people and a breakdown in communities internationally."

For directions to the site phone 07906 440336

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