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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 02:12:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rowan1 @
Subject: National Park status for South Downs?

3rd Arundel Walk - 1pm Sunday, November 2nd - Sussex

Walk For The Park

As pressure increases for more houses and roads in the County, it's vital to protect the South Downs from development. Only National Park status would give the Downs that strongest of protection. A status that the County and local Councils are fighting against - with our Council Tax!

With the Public Inquiry into the Park due to be held at the Chatsworth Hotel, The Steyne, Worthing, and starting at 10am on the 10th November 2003, it's clearly important to remind everyone that this Inquiry will determine if future generations get the enjoyment from the Downs and the landscape as we have done.

Because of this, and requests from those who missed the previous walks that were organised by SCAR, a third 'Arundel' walk has been proposed. As on the previous walks - this one led by 'Protect Our Woodland!' - will take the route of the towpath from Arundel along the river Arun to admire the stunning view down the Arun valley, then cross the Ford road into the complex of Tortington Common and Binstead ancient woodland. However as we want those who did the previous walks also to join us, we hope to have a surprise event.

The reason for returning to Arundel is because to-date this complex of unique woodland, water meadows and landscape is outside the boundary of the Park. By joining this walk, you will clearly not only be demonstrating to the Inquiry that YOU want the South Downs protected by a National Park for future generations to enjoy, but you also want this precious woodland complex included in it.

Cancel all previous engagements. Join us at 1pm Sunday, November 2nd, 2003 in Arundel High Street (opposite the Norfolk Hotel). Our great grandchildren and their children will have reason to thank us.

If you want to see images from the last walk, click on this link -

Hope to see you on the walk.

From all at Protect Our Woodland!

PS. Please let all your friends know about this walk and if you can bring digital video or still cameras and colourful banners. We can be contacted by e-mail at -

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