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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 18:01:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Friends of Thornborough - Save the 'Stonehenge of the North'

Thornborough Henges under threat from quarrying (North Yorkshire)

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Friends of Thornborough was formed three years ago by a group of local people concerned about the impact of quarrying on the Thornborough Henges. Since then those concerns have been proved correct as the ongoing quarrying has revealed and destroyed significant quantities of historically important evidence directly related to these monuments.

It is clear that the henges sit in a wider landscape marked out by alignments of wooden posts, the remains of which exist in the form of pits. Other evidence such as burials and ring ditches were also placed here. Many of these are being destroyed NOW at the Nosterfield quarry, and Tarmac, the quarry operator is looking to extend this quarry into other archaeologically sensitive areas.

However, it is not just the surrounding area that is under threat. Thornborough is a naturally wet environment, this is ideal for the preservation of buried archaeology. The quarrying is dramatically lowering the water table on Thornborough Moor, this means that any archaeology within the area of the henges will be decaying at an increased rate of up to one hundred times of that previously seen.

In addition to the archaeology, the historic landscape that is also at issue here. Less than one hundred years ago these henges were untouched by quarrying and were surrounded by pasture beautiful monuments in a beautiful setting. The quarry if continued, will leave the henges as islands surrounded by lake and marsh, completely out of keeping with the thoughts of the original builders.

North Yorkshire County Council have opened a landfill waste disposal site next to the central henge is this the way to protect our most important ancient site?

Furthermore, the quarrying appears to have removed natural flooding controls in the area. Thornborough village has seen an unprecedented number of floods in recent years.

We believe this shows a total disregard for the heritage that is represented by the henges, and for the welfare of local people. The Friends of Thornborough have the support of over 90% of locals directly affected by the quarrying and now seek to widen the level of support for the campaign.

Due to our efforts there will be a TV programme on BBC 2 4/11/03 at 7.30 on the Thornborough henges, which should see out campaign get its first national boost.

Please help us.

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