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Subject: Shoppergate stopped in York + victory parade
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 23:09:58 +0100

This message is sent to hundreds of supporters in York and internationally.


If you missed the news, well, we won! The UK Government and the Planning Inspectorate agree that the Coppergate II shopping mall should not go ahead next to the scheduled ancient monument of Clifford's Tower. Hooray! :)


The Inspector heavily criticised the Land Securities scheme as over-development and being inappropriate for this highly sensitive area. The Inspector also criticised the inconsistencies in "the Council's long and relentless drive to secure development there." The Inspector's report was damning!

The greedy London-based developers may still appeal against the decision and we may have to beat them again, but at the moment we can celebrate.

So here's the plan - on Wednesday 24th Sept, we will walk in triumph from York Mansion House to the Barbican as part of the Without Walls city parade. This can be our day of celebration. Between 4pm and 6pm we shall be displaying a stand and celebrating further at the Without Walls conference at York Barbican and from 6-7pm the Without Walls Local Strategic Partnership will hold a forum for debate. We can all take part in that debate on York's future.

If you can be in York, and can make it, we'll see you at 3:15pm at the Mansion House.

If not, raise a glass in triumph. Thanks to you all for writing, demonstrating, linking websites, attending the Public Inquiry, sending money, whatever... thank-you from York.

Dave Gorman (Castle Area Campaign Group, York, England)

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