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Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 23:30:42 +0100
Subject: The Porkbolter, September 2003

[from The Porkbolter 56 - September 2003]

house building on Downs foiled

Beeches Avenue Campaign, Worthing, Sussex

CONGRATULATIONS to Beeches Avenue residents for seeing off plans to build 90 houses on the edge of the Downs near Lyons Farm - developers Hargreaves have abandoned their appeal. And the Beeches Avenue campaigners can in turn give a nod of appreciation to the Arundel bypass protesters who helped scupper plans for upgrading the A27 across West Sussex. Offington councillor Reg Green told the Worthing Herald (July 31): "Their case has been strengthened by this government abandoning the Worthing bypass scheme." East Worthing MP Tim Loughton was also getting in on the Beeches Avenue celebration act, despite opposing the decision to scrap the bypass! We are fascinated by the Tories' new-found enthusiasm for "people power". Can we now expect to see Tim's West Worthing counterpart Peter Bottomley join the campaign to halt the West Durrington development? Or would that be taking democracy too far?

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