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Subject: Sherwood Forrest update
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 14:02:49 +0100

Sherwood Forest update

The trees still stand! We have found a legal loop hole that makes the whole project technically unsound. IF we had a fortune we could take the building company to the cleaners. BUT we havn't, so it's down to physically stopping them and using the fact that they were going to break the law as our defence.

We have amazing local support, offers of water, food, washing facilities, BUT not anough people to actually start a camp yet. It's one last push for volunteers and if this doesnt work we are just going to have to admit we sat by and watched the last section of ancient sherwood forrest being taken from before our eyes.


every Thursday - tree climbing training by a VERY expierienced tree surgeon

every Friday - planning meeting

every Saturday - Beech Party, under the Major Beech (bring beech clothes and beech balls, bucket and spades etc

every Sunday - progress meeting

If you wish to join us on any of the above days -
get to Mansfield Woodhouse train station -
and call cookie on 07890 165727

If you plan on staying (pleeeeese) - bring basic camping kit and whatever you need

If you plan on leaving - please leave something of use to those you meet here (wood, pallets, rope, food, etc etc)

Thanx - Cookie


(updated 13th August)

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