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Subject: SchNEWS 415, Friday 18th July, 2003
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 21:56:38 +0100


Sherwood Forest is under attack from a band of corporate thieves and the Sherrif of Nottingham isn't lifting a finger. The thieves, Belway, are attempting to destroy a rare limestone habitat and a natural meadowland to build an unnecessary road junction. The area is supposedly guarded by a Tree Protection Order as it possesses a 300 year old beech tree yet the council are refusing to take any action against the developers. This is some of the last remaining green space in the area and it's being surveyed as a possible EU site of conservation. There's a desperate need for Robin Hoods and merry men and women to steal the power from the rich and give it back to the poor trees.

Locals are opposed to the development but help is seriously needed to stop the destruction going ahead.

Contact Cookie on 07891 65727

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