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Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 14:12:06 +0100 (BST)
From: demian

Bilston Glen Anti Bypass Protest Site - Wishlist update

If you are able to help with any of the following it would be very much appreciated! For individuals there would be snogs & stroking; for Businesses we'll be happy to print thanks (& your contact details ;) on our flyers.

Climbing TaT - Harnesses (including children's), Screw gate carabiners, Snap gate carabiners, Rope (static or dynamic), Climbing tapes, Prusik cords, figure eight's (preferably ones not dropped, used for drumming - as earrings or fashion accessories etc :)

If anyone reading this works for a company that sells($) climbing equipment & may be able to arrange a discount for us in return for loyalty purchasing then please do! get in touch...

Polyprop - 10mm is Desperately needed! We can get 220meters for £25 (including postage to the site).. plz contact us for details. Tarps - Any would be really good but if possible not blue (though blue ones are of course always most welcome)... Flax Tarps, Lorry curtainsides, any, any, any all would be good!...

Inner Tubes - (Many thanks to "Freewheeling cycles" in Penicuick!!) We really need any old bicycle inner tubes.. though car, tractor, motorcycle ones would all be welcome. (To find out why.. come visit :)

D-Locks, Cement, Dog food (6 new pups need feeding! (n1 Freya & Charis :)), Eviction foods/stash (tins of veggie things, dried fruit, chocolate, anything that wont go "off" in a tree or a tunnel), People, Herbs & Spices, BROWN SAUCE!!!! (the HP Kind.. erm :), People, (a) sharpening stone(s), a felling axe (ours has suffered from a winter of -12 etc ), People, head torches, batteries (AAA or car/truck, coach, forklift), People, A wind/water genny, fairy lights, People, bow saw blades, People, nails, screws, a block & tackle, pulleys, a vice, hammers (especially a brick hammer), pick axe, car jacks, spirit level, vodaphone or T mobile vouchers, envelopes, recycled paper, a laser pen, T-Bags, coffee, soya milk, sugar, vegan choc cake, citizen band radios (hand held or stations), 2 way radio handsets, walky talkies, a video camera (with night enhancement tech), a catapault, fishing line, .. erm .. & on & on...

Info material - we're currently trying to expand our info-shop/free cafe & any & all anarchist press, earth first! essays, campaign/protest flyers, words from the wood .. &c &c would be very, muchly, really welcomed! :)

All of the usual things I guess.. Please do get in touch & we'll be able to whine our most desperate needs to you :)

Site Mobile - 07986 632429

Most of all, we need & will welcome ... YOU!:) .. many thanks & all the best,


Bilston Glen Anti Bypass Protest Site
c/o The Autonomous Centre Edinburgh
17 West Montgomery Place

Directions -

By Bus/Car -

Take the A701 (number 37/37a) towards Penicuik & you'll come to the village of Bilston (8 miles south of Edinburgh). Just as you come into the village there is a metal gated footpath (opposite the large VW garage). Go through this & down the path till you come to the bridge, & you'll see us… Next door to the VW garage is "The Bilston Inn" where we get our water (no honest we get water there :) They'll happily give you directions once you get into Bilston :)

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