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Subject: SchNEWS no.395, Friday 7th March, 2003
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 22:00:07 -0000

WAR BRIEFS - 7 March 2003

17-23 March has been declared a week of direct action against the war. Starting with a national die-in on 17th March
(, 0845 458 2564) and finishing with national demos at Menwith and Fairford airbases on 22nd

Check out what's going on around the country at

Reclaim the Bases - Direct action at a number of military bases on the weekend of 5-6 April -

On Saturday a group of 'civilian weapons inspectors' sprung a surprise visit on a BAE Systems munitions factory in Glascoed, Wales, which produces everything from bullets to depleted uranium shells. The protest was part of a campaign by Campaign Against Arms Trade, which is planning to protest at 40 BAE sites throughout the year. 020 7281 0297

150 people were arrested near Antrewepen, Belgium last Saturday before they had even done anything. They were arrested under a new zero tolerance policy dreamt up to prevent people blocking trains taking American weapons to the port of Antrewepen.

Witnesses and video evidence needed for two arrests at Brighton anti-war demos. Did you see someone in an orange fluoro jacket getting nicked on the 14th Feb demo at about 5pm, Western Road, or the 1st March demo at 4.30pm? Contact Teresa Blades at Kelly's Solicitors 01273 608311

Peace marches next Saturday (15th March) -

) - Lewes, meet at County Hall, 10.30am 01273 473912

- Leeds, 12 noon, Leeds Town Hall Art Gallery 0773 488 2567

- York, 12 noon Clifford's Tower, City Centre

- Hertford, 11am Railway St,

- Portsmouth 2 pm outside St Mary's Church - corner of Fratton Rd & St Mary's Rd, then to the naval dockyard. 02392 818849

- Foil the Base at Star Peace Camp Fylingdales. A169, North Yorkshire Moors, bring foil, foil balloons, etc. 01287 660067


As SchNEWS goes to press we have had multiple reports that the B-52's at Fairford are being armed as we type. As US B-52 bombers begin arriving at the Fairford airbase in Gloucestershire, security at the base is being stepped up. USAF security police have now tried to recruit plane spotters in their fight against evil peaceniks. The base has put out a memo asking for spotters to contact them if they see any protesters in the area. But as veteran peace campaigner Lindis Percy proved, security is still very lax once you get inside the base. After scaling the fences on Monday, Lindis managed to spend two hours roaming around the base and two hours under the wing of a B-52 before being arrested for criminal damage. If you'd like to help keep the USAF Security police busy, call them on 07740 609705 or 07876 148170.

Protesters are now maintaining a 24 hr peace watch at Gate 10 of the Fairford airbase, 5 minutes away from the permanent peace camp. More people are needed to stay at the camp, which is now located behind the very welcoming pub in Kempsford village. There's also a big demo on the 22nd March (meet noon at the junction of High St/Park St., Fairford) Camp mobiles 07905 131020 or 07947 614941

This weekend (8th & 9th) Picnic for Peace, meet High St/Park St., Fairford Village, noon, for a walk to Gate 10 to support the peace watch vigil.

Transport to the demo on the 22nd is being organised from across the country - Tickets for coaches from Brighton available from Community Base reception, Queens Road, and the Cowley Club, London Road £8/6.

Police have begun to use Section 60 powers to stop and search protesters at Fairford. A Section 60 gives uniformed police the power to cordon a group of people, search for supposed weapons, and confiscate items that conceal your identity (masks, balaclavas, etc.) If you are stopped under s60, ask who authorised it and what locality it covers. You DO NOT have to give the police your name and address or answer any other questions. If asked anything, it's always advisable to answer NO COMMENT to all questions. They cannot use force to take your photo. And if they do search you (which unfortunately s60 gives them the power to do), ask the officer for their name, number and station. If they don't give it to you, the search will be illegal. Full details at

Menwith Hill

Lindis Percy and Anni Rainbow are at Harrogate Magistrates' Court next Monday (10th) 10am for a five day court case after being nicked for 'aggravated trespass' at Menwith Hill spy station. Support appreciated 01943 466405


Long time peace activist TJ Hart has been given the maximum possible sentence for cutting a hole in the fence at RAF Fylingdales, North Yorkshire. She'll be banged up for two months, so send letters of support to her at - TJ Hart, HMP Low Newton, Brasside, Durham. DH1 3YA

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