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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 06:01:03 EST
Subject: Fylingdales Star Peace Camp news


This is not an official Newsletter sent out by the camp - I'm just collating some recent news and passing it on.

The original 'Star Peace' Camp set up last May packed up at the end of November, the day before the bailiffs were due to evict the camp Now read on...

Sav arrived with his bus to set up a mobile peace camp. He has been there all winter, mostly on his own and with minimal support. There were times when he was snowbound, fogbound and iced in. Others are now joining him.

During December/January the USA's request for the use of Fylingdales for its Missile Defense programme (the thin end of the wedge towards 'Star Wars') was deliberated in a mockery of a public consultation process. The decision to grant permission was announced by Geoff Hoon, Secretary of State for Defence at the end of January. In practice the decision was made some five, or more, years ago and components are already installed. The bus was there outside the base as a the continuous visible protest. It attracted, and still attracts, the media's attention.

Disarmament actions: The electric fence is proving ineffective against boltcroppers insulated with bicycle inner tubing. Nuff said. Three arrested on two separate occasions.

On March 15th campaigners opposed to Fylingdales are organising a FOIL THE BASE demonstration similar to that planned for Menwith Hill on March 22nd. The objective is to disrupt the pyramid's radar transmitters/receivers by interference with the radio signals. Helium balloons or kites with baco-foil tails should get high enough. Protesters wearing foil will approach the pyramid across the moorland. The press and TV have already picked up on this 'new angle', so a good turnout on March 15th will get publicity and a platform for the protest. Details, leaflet download, etc, available from Neil Bye at

The Under-Secretary of State for Defence, Dr Lewis Moonie, has just acknowledged that in one section, the security fences were constructed outside the Base boundary, on Forestry Commission land, and they also obstruct the two rights of way. The MoD has squatted land to which it has no title and broken the footpaths' law. Lewis Moonie's response is to close the bridleways and take in Forestry Commission land. (But Geoff Hoon stated that they would not have to take in any more land at Fylingdales). Enquiries and objections with the MoD, Forestry Commission, Ramblers' Association are ongoing.

Cheers, Anne

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