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From: Windy
Subject: Intro
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 / Fri, 15 Nov 2002

Bilston A701 Bypass (Edinburgh) - news update

I stay relatively close by and paid a visit to the camp today. I took a load of food, candles, matches down to help out. Spoke with Nathan and Claire and spirits seem good. They could do with tarps and rope as it's a pretty damp spot even with the bridge arch covering, plus the river water isn't potable probably from effluent from fields being washed in.

There are around a half dozen permanent folk camped out there under an old railway bridge. No work has as yet been started on the construction of the road but work has begun on tree houses and building shelters. It's a gie dreich spot under the bridge hence me mentioning tarps and ropes. I am taking stuff down tonight or Sunday. Apparently samples were taken frae the burn and analysed. The water is not drinkable. Not sure about after a guid boiling though !


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