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Subject: schnews 379
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 18:04:53 -0000

Menwith Hill blockade report - 24th October 2002

Listen up !

Last Thursday protestors used D-locks, Superglue and good ol determination to blockade the US spy base in Menwith Hill, Yorkshire. The blockade started at 5am with protestors D-locking themselves to the main gates and then handcuffing themselves to each other. With alternative gates sealed off by Superglue and locks, all traffic was blocked and the 3 scheduled shift changes were disrupted. Most employees were prevented from entering the base to do their daily spying and so ended up heading back home. After 4 hours the ever-friendly men in blue were threatening arrests and the protestors ended the blockade, happy with the results.

So what s this spy base about then? Well, it s an interception centre that would be used to co-ordinate any bombing of Iraq. It s part of America s murky Echelon programme set up during the Cold War a network of listening posts able to intercept millions of phone, fax and e-mail messages. Our upstanding government assures us that communication interception is covered by strict legal guidelines - honest! But the EU parliamentary committee set up to investigate Echelon reckons that Uncle Sam uses it for industrial espionage to benefit US companies. So the committee recommends that all EU capitalists encrypt everything now!


Fylingdales Star Peace Camp Vigil

* Fylingdale Star Peace Camp, outside the US airbase, which is now 5 months old, have received eviction papers and are appearing in court next week. Vigil outside the court 10.45am, 6th Nov, Whitby Law Court, Waterstead Lane, Whitby. The camp also urgently needs funds send money payable to -

WoMenwith Hill Women's Peace Camp, P.O. Box 105, Harrogate HG3 2FE
tel - 01947 896481

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