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Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 18:01:31 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Cliffe, March around Ancient Woodland

Cliffe Airport march - 23 November 2002

As promised, update on events planned for Sat 23 November. This is just one week before the consultation period ends, and we're marching around the proposal site to highlight to the media what a beautiful and important site is at stake.

I don't know the full route yet, but it will include the Northward Hill Nature Reserve, which is also a SSSI, Ancient Woodland and Britain's largest Heronry. It rises to 200ft above sea-level and will be flattened to make way for one of the five runways (and is probably one of the first areas to face destruction!)

We had 2000 on the march in Chatham last month and we're hoping to have many more than that this time, so if you fancy a walk your presence will be very much appreciated.

It's also a great opportunity to survey the area with people who know the area intimately, and who will be happy to answer any questions we might have ;)

If you'd like to go you can contact me on  and maybe we could all meet up. There's plenty of space for camping if it's too far for a day trip.


update - 22 October 2002

Subject: Cliffe March, Further Details
More details of the March

"NoAirportAtCliffe March on the "Terminal"

10.00 a.m. for 11.00 a.m. start, Saturday 23rd November

This is not a bird march, this is CONSERVATION & COMMUNITIES UNITED

Hosted by RSPB at Bromhey Farm Northward Hill Nature Reserve, between High Halstow and Cooling

Follow the Signs - Free Parking

For more details telephone 01634 253156

A map, travel arrangements and other details can be found on

If anyone is planning on going, please email me or contact me on - It would be great if we could all meet up? We need to do a bit of surveying of the area in case a camp is set up soon ;)

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