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Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 12:24:40 +0100
Subject: eLoombreaker Issue 30 August/Sept

activists prevent construction of radio mast - Stockport

Squeeze Orange out of Marple!

Residents, in Marple, Stockport have been successful in preventing the construction of a mobile phone mast in a popular beauty spot overlooking the peak forest canal as local people sabotaged the early stages of construction. People living near the site, only learned of Orange's plans to construct a 15-meter high mobile communications mast and access road, as work commenced on Marple Ridge. It was decided that action was needed to stop the erection of the mast after concern was expressed about possible health risks posed by the radiation from such devices. Questions were also raised over whether proper planning procedures had been followed, as local people alleged that legally required notices informing them of the mast, were deliberately covered up.

Work was delayed when a local blocked the road with his car forcing contractors to dump tons of concrete into a nearby field before it set solid in the vehice. Regular blockades were held and gatherings took place on site discussing ideas for action. Finally, contractors decided that they had enough and abandoned the site when the masts concrete base and a construction vehicle were severely damaged.

Anyone interested in helping to squeeze another drop or two out of Orange if they return to the site can contact

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