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Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 12:24:40 +0100
Subject: eLoombreaker Issue 30 August/Sept

The battle of Manchester Airport starts again

Last month the Government published its plans for a massive expansion at every airport in the country (plus some new ones) including Manchester. They intend to 'consult' on these proposals until 30th Nov. Environmental groups must decide how to respond. What this would mean for Manchester is the construction of more taxiways and a 4th terminal by 2015, and then possibly a 3rd runway, built during the decade from 2020; plus new roads, more noise and air pollution, climate change emissions and general environmental damage.

So far, Friends of the Earth, CPRE, and Transport2000 have got together to form a national campaign against airport growth, called AirportWatch ( This campaign aims to fight 2 battles: nationally, challenging the arguments behind the 'need' for this growth and then regionally & locally, to support the communities around airports as they fight back against this assault on their quality of life.

Want to get involved? If we can defeat the arguments being used to justify airport growth nationally, then we can protect not just the community and the area around Manchester Airport, but at every other site in the country too. If you want to come to a planning meeting for the Manchester campaign, contact or phone 020 7248 2223

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