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Subject: Fwd: Nine Ladies Alert
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 12:42:26 +0100

illegal eviction foiled at 9 Ladies

Nine Ladies Alert

Dear Friends,

You will probabily know of a protest in Derbyshire that has been happening since 1999. Cutting a long story short, 2 protest camps were set up to oppose Marshalls plc's plans to re-open 2 dormant quarries on the hillside of Stanton Moor (home of the Nine Ladies Stone Circle - a scheduled ancient monument). Visit the website for all the info -

In the last week, Marshall's security guards tried an illegal eviction of one of the sites, but failed. That and other strange quarry company activity has led the site residents to issue a yellow alert status. This means that they want everyone to know what happened, and to be prepared to get to site if you can if they try another illegal eviction. If they do try another, it will most likely be at any time from the start of the Big Green Gathering. You may probabily know that myself and Maria lived on the protest camps last year, but unfortunately due to us becoming parents and because of other commitments at the moment, we are unable to personally be there! Please consider setting up phone/email trees. A good way to do this is to ring/email 10 people, and pass the message on to them, and ask them to do exactly the same!

Thank You


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