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Subject: SITE UPDATE 22.07.2002
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 20:06:35 +0100

Nine Ladies Anti-Quarry Campaign - yellow alert

Dear Friend

We have received news from the site of some rather worrying activities.

It seems that some mysterious strangers have turned up on site in a black Land Rover, and there is a worry that this could mean an attempted illegal eviction is on the cards. (See the message board).

This could be perfectly normal, or it could be a sick prank that some twisted individual is playing. In the meantime, we have to assume that it could be for real. Therefore, anyone who can get to site to help in the event of an eviction needs to be on stand-by.

Even if you can't actualy get to site yourself, set up a telephone tree in order to be able to alert others who can be there. (See article on the web site - follow link for articles then telephone trees.)

This is at present only a "yellow alert". What is not wanted is for a load of people to turn up with weapons and implements of destruction - that would almost certainly make things far worse. Just be ready. If they attempt any eviction at all then they will be breaking the law as a possession order has not been granted, but would be required. (You don't need a court order to evict squatters if you already lived in, or had just signed the papers to buy or rent, the property before they moved in; these circumstances clearly do not apply here as Marshalls want to dig the place up, not live there.) The law is on our side and we may as well keep it that way.

Of course, as the eviction itself would be illegal, they may well not play by the rules and any photographic / video evidence may well turn out to be important if they do anything they shouldn't. But note that digital photographs may not be admissible as evidence in court (too easy to tamper with) so if you're thinking of taking pictures, stick to traditional film and analogue video.

More news as and when it happens,

The Nine Ladies Web Site team

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