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Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 02:56:37 +0100
Subject: Mature woodland being trashed - Edinburgh

Bilston Woods protest site - Penicuik, Scotland - June 2002

About eight miles from Edinburgh near Penicuik is Bilston Woods. It is an SSSI or the Scottish equivalent and faces having a bypass ripped through it. There is a river running through the site and there's a pond and trees and animals and flowers and most importantly a lack of tarmacadam.

Work has started on the roundabout to the site with a pond due to drained in about a week. There are many mature trees on-site and a medieval bridge and tower. This shit needs to be stopped before all our environment and Heritage is destroyed by these fuckers in fluro jackets.

A site is being set up so anyone who gives a shit please call the number below. No experience required as training will be given. Must have own sense of humour.

And it's such a lovely day! A walk and a rant'll do ya good.

Cheers, Kate -x-

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