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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 18:28:47 +0100
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed news and dates

earth first! summer gathering - Devon - July 10-14th 2002

Hello All!

Hopefully everyone already knows about the summer gathering this year and has told everyone else that they think should know too! Just a reminder - its happening in South Devon between July the 10th and 14th (thats next month!!) Theres still a few things that we need help with.... (not in order of importance) - are there any first aiders out there who want to be called upon at the gathering?

- a reminder that there is very limited parking so please PLEASE think of other ways of getting to the gathering than in your car! its very accessible and train tickets are loads cheaper even just booked a day in advance (so get in touch for specific directions in the week before)

- if you would like to offer a specific workshop or would like to see a particular one happen then please get in touch

- would you like to offer your services as a facilitator to anyone running a workshop (paticularly large discussions)??

- we need someone to take on the kids space, and making sure that there are loads of fun activities and a lovely space for them

- if possible please arrange to stay on a few days after the gathering to help with tatting down, so its not left to a few people who will be already knackered!!

if you have any queries, or offers of help at all, please get in touch - see you there!!

love the gathering collective xx

The Earth First! Summer Gathering 2002 is happening July 10-14th in Devon. We would love to hear from you with any ideas or offers of help in all areas - get in touch!

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