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Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 11:35 PM
Subject: Pink Castle NEWS-crop sown

Pink Castle NEWS - crop sown - people needed

On the 16th May, three weeks into the pink castle occupation of a proposed GM test site in Dorset, farmer Charles Foot with seven tractors and a massive police presence, entered the field and succeeded in planting two thirds of it with the Aventis GM maize.

However, the pink castle camp was  NOT  evicted and we remain in the field. At some point in the next few weeks we plan to tat down the castle, clear up the site and say goodbye to the field  BUT NOT YET. This is not over...

Within hours of the seeds being sown, at least twenty locals were seen digging the freshly sown seeds from the ground. This has continued with daily visits by people of all ages.

As long as the castle remains it will protect the unplanted third of the field. Furthermore, the farmer must return at least twice. His first visit should be any day now to spray the non-GM side. A few weeks latter he should come back for the GM side. While the castle remains, the field can still be defended  BUT WE NEED NUMBERS.

If you can spare anytime for a camping holiday in Dorset, then please do. It is a beautiful site just a few miles from the coast and set in a habitat rich valley. You can't help but enjoy yourself even when it is pissing down with rain. The food is great and the company a joy. You know you want to...

Visit  for further info & directions (+ a load of photos to see what you've been missing).

It will all be over within a month so don't delay, come down today.

tel - 07733 640 159

Love Mud and Pinkness!

Pink Castle Maiden xxx

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