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Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 18:17:52 +0100
Subject: loombreaker 28 May/June 2002

Last chance for Park Nook!

Local residents in Toxteth try to save 3 acres of mature inner city woodland from being destroyed to make way for luxury flats!

Three years ago, in May 1999, developers tried to fence off & clear land previously thought to be a part of Princes Park, Toxteth. The fence only lasted three days! A group of environmentalists organised a picnic to raise awareness about the impending destruction, and over 100 local residents turned up. For over 30 years local residents have used the woodland, which is known as Park Nook, for bird-watching, blackberry-picking and walking their dogs, and several generations of children played there. When developers came in 1999 to try to destroy the land, residents tore down their fencing and put up treehouses.

This launched a three-year campaign to protect Park Nook from development. A legal battle was fought to try and gain Town Green status for the land which would give local residents the right to use it for recreational activities (such as bird-watching), and would stop it from being destroyed. The case was lost, however, and the developers moved in on Park Nook early morning on Monday 29th April.

But resistance continued. Around thirty people gathered on Park Nook and the work was called off temporarily. Since then, protesters and local campaigners have camped out on the land. Although half of the land has been destroyed, and several mature trees chopped down, there are still some mature trees and quite a bit of undergrowth left.

The developers claim that Park Nook is little more then derelict land, used for fly-tipping. But the protestors disagree. One local environmentalist has recorded over 40 different species of bird including blackbirds and song thrushes, species which are in decline. There have also been bats spotted flying over the tree canopy to hunt insects, and it is very likely that they roost there as well. The land is also home to foxes and rabbits. One of the complaints of the protestors is that it is nesting season at the moment, and so it is the worst possible time in which to build. The developers have also been criticised for including a bit of the nearby Park in their development boundary, as well as for failing to adhere to health and safety regulations.

The campaigners intend to continue occupying the land for the time being. A picnic was held on 6th May this year to celebrate the anniversary of the first picnic that launched the three year campaign.

For more information contact Juliette on 0780 360 9271

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Subject: SchNEWS 355, Friday 17th May, 2002
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 13:24:00 +0100

Park Nook camp - Liverpool

Park Nook Protest Camp is back. After a campaign to give the woodland in central Liverpool 'town green' status was lost, trees are now being cut and the camp needs people, tat, rope etc. Picnics on Sun 19th & 26th May.

tel - 0780 3609271

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