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Date: 16th May 2002
Subject: Arrests: obstruction of GM plough

Pink Castle beseiged - 4 arrested (Littlemoor, Dorset)


Over the last few weeks a Pink Castle and friends have occupied a field in Dorset due to planted up with a GM crop. The occupation was going very well with much local interest and lots of visitors.

Arrests for obstructing the sowing of GM seed

This morning the Castle was surrounded by about 30 police and circled by a police helicopter whilst six tractors ploughed, sowed and fertilised both the GM crop and control crop. The word got around and lots of locals came to bear witness to the poisonous plantings.

Some of the campers managed to lock themselves to one of the ploughs. Police were friendly and shared their lunch, their water and sun-tan cream with the people who had locked on to the plough. When the plough was to be used the police moved in to arrest. They agreed to release two who were not so obviously obstructing. The other four of the lock-on people were arrested for aggravated trespass: Liz, Olaf, Richard and Will. They have been taken to West Weymouth Police Station. They are expected to be released on bail later today or this evening.

What next

The Pink Castle has not been attacked so far. Plans at present are to re-group and remain on the camp for now.

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