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Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 14:46:43 EDT
Subject: Proposed P & O Superport at Coryton, Essex

advice and support needed - please help

P&O planning 600 acre super container port at Corytown, Essex

I don't know wether you would be able to help me but I am trying to raise awareness of the above project which is being proposed at Coryton in Thurrock, Essex.

The port is to be a super container port based on the river Thames near Tilbury. It will be the biggest in Europe, if not the world, and together with ancilliary industrial sites will cover approximately 600 acres of the current Shell petroleum site.

The project is going to have a major impact on the local environment including the wildlife on the adjacent marshes, the Thames shoreline and marine wildlife in the Thames.

The proposals include the removal of thousands of tons of riverbed from the shoreline which will be dumped in the Thames Estuary / English Channel and which will have an enormous impact on marine life in the area. The traffic increase will be horrendous and local Doctors are predicting a huge increase in respiratory and asthmatic conditions for local residents. The development is going to take some 10-15 years to complete, which gives you some idea of the size of this project.

Eviction orders have already been served on several farmers whose land stands in the way and also several compulsory purchase orders have been served. Local residents have already formed several action groups but we are desperately short of expertise in these matters and I just wondered if you know of any groups who may be able to offer us some "expert" help on how to fight these maniacs before they destroy what little open land we have in our Borough. I hope that you can help us.

thanks in advance

Gary Weatherley


if u can help, please contact Gary at

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