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Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002 20:53:01 +0100
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed news 7th april

The 4th Annual Cannabis March & Festival

Saturday May 4th 2002 - Brockwell Park, Brixton, London, England

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release

Saturday May 4th sees the 4th annual Cannabis March & Festival in Brockwell Park, Brixton, one of 180+ cities worldwide holding an event on the same day [1]. Over 30,000 people have attended in previous years, to show their support for the relaxation of the law on Cannabis. The day will begin with a carnival style march from Kennington Park (assemble 12pm) with floats, banners, costumes and samba beats leading to an all day free festival in Brockwell Park, Brixton. Brockwell Park will feature music, the Hemp Expo, Medical Cannabis Marquee, Speakers Area, Hemp Food, and much more besides.

Johnny Void, spokeperson for the Cannabis Coalition, said: "In the four years we have been putting on this event, Cannabis has moved to the very top of the agenda in this country. This isn't just a protest, it is a celebration of Cannabis and everything associated with it."

The festival will have two stages featuring the finest festival and ganja sounds with Continental Drifts hosting the main stage and local talent on the Brixton Stage. Soundsystems from London's underground party scene due to be present on the day include an Access All Areas marquee featuring London's finest underground techno, S.L.U.R. (South London Underground Records), Brighton Alliance of Soundsystems (BASS), gurly beatz of a garage and d'n'b nature with femi9 product, a live Hip Hop stage, the Squall posse, Unsound, chimaera sound system, dub and roots provided courtesy of RDK Hifi and Negusa Nagast and more to be confirmed.

With thousands turning up last year despite the pouring rain, this year promises to create a genuine large scale community event with a grassroots mixture of music, culture, drugs info, hemp products, debate and and live performance [2].


Contact: Johnny Void, Brixton Cannabis Festival

International Enquiries: Cures Not Wars, 00 1 212 677 7180


1. For over four years, hundreds of cities have held Cannabis legalisation events on the same day. New York group Cures Not Wars are the international co-ordinators for the events. For more information on the 180+ Million Marijuana Marches, visit

2. As ever Ganja Day needs funding to remain a free festival. Bucketeers on the day are required as well as fundraising all year round to ensure that this event can continue to be successful. Anyone who can help please contact the Festival Office - e-mail Stewards are also urgently needed on the day, please contact the Festival Office or Access All Areas on 020 7267 8320.

Shane Collins
Green Party Drugs Spokesperson
Legalise Cannabis Festival Licencee
Saturday 4th May 2002. London and worldwide.


According to the UK Chief Inspector of Prisons report 2001, 72% of those in jail are there for drug related offences.

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