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Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 18:51:38 -0000
Subject: Loombreaker Issue 27

Loombreaker - Manchester's monthly direct action round-up
April 2002 Issue 27

A6 Protest Update

The A6 protest site in Derbyshire has closed, due to lack of people able to be there. The campaign still managed to frighten the Highways Agency considerably and show that English Nature are too scared to stand up to the HA (decided not to attack HA over the cutting down of Cornation Plantation outside of the License condition times) Thanks to all of you who helped out at the site, sent letters of support, generally helped in the background, lay down in front of fencing and climbed on the digger. Still to go are the objections to the side road order variation, tho' this is looking like a formality.

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road protests 2002   |   road protests (current)   |   movement links