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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 16:54:42 -0000
Subject: Re: anti-roads gathering

Direct Action Gathering - Nottingham - 19th April 2002

The End of the Road

Direct Action Gathering to build resistance to the new roads programme and the corporate dominance it fuels -


This gathering is being organised to provide a forum for those interested in a direct action response to the resurrection of the government road building programme. Though now mainly decentralised to the county level, this multi-billion pound programme will devastate our environment putting thousands of acres under concrete to provide arteries for the corporate economy.

The previous roads programme became the front-line for radical ecological resistance, and opposition to capitalist expansion, and has inspired similar struggles in other countries. They are trying it again. It is time to learn from past struggles, evolve new tactics, and become 'far more possible than their most powerful imaginings'.

What: Friday 19th 7pm - arrivals, food, preliminary meeting

Saturday 20th - up date briefing on new road schemes and corporate links. Planning tactics and response

Sunday 21th - no formal organisation, but meeting space will be provided for those wishing to take the opportunity to build further on the day before

Where: The Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham. NG7 6HX

(arrivals will be met on the evening of the 19th from 5pm, phone for directions or check http:/

What to bring: interested people, ideas, information, propaganda, bedding, roll mats (crash space will be provided, contact us if you have additional needs), money for food and a contribution towards venue hire, what you'd wish to find.

Contact -

Tel No - 07813505480 (directions and regular message check, you'll get a human from the morning of the 19th)
email -

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