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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:50:42 +0000
Subject: -RTS info only- RTS in new zealand and general RTS info

Wellington New Zealand RTS party 26th February 2002


We are organising a Reclaim the Streets Party in Wellington, New Zealand on Tuesday, 26th February. The party is being organised to protest against the proposed Wellington Inner-city Bypass.

Transit NZ, the government body pushing the roading project is evicting tenants on this date, and so we decided we'd resist the evictions in a creative and positive manner.

We are looking at setting up a Reclaim the Streets group here in New Zealand and would like to start having regular contact with RTS activists from overseas, to help us in setting up the group, and as a positive support base from which to work. Can you please tell me if there are any RTS e-mail groups or anything that we can join to hear about what is happening arount the world. Once we have the group established we will be looking at setting up our own website as well, and would love it if we could link up with

Thanks heaps

Anti-Bypass Action


response clarification frm London RTS

There's no global RTS egroup that we know of, just an informal network of groups calling themselves RTS (eg Sydney & New York), and a much wider collection of groups and individuals who sometimes call RTS's as part of their activities. Many of them send info to us [london RTS] and we try to get it onto the website we look after. Maybe it could do with more co-ordination - but we're also part of the PGA network (, which is more diverse in a way because it is made up of groups taking many different forms of action better suited to their locality, culture, regime etc.

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