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Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 21:50:19 +0000
Subject: -ALLSORTS-Uruguay and Berkeley Street parties report backs

From: "..:: LIBERTINO ::.." -

Reclaim the streets - URUGUAY

Without incidents or unhappy people, the first Reclaim the Streets in Montevideo has just finished.

Taking advantage of the Day of the Innocent, a coordinator of activists fixed December 28 to celebrate the end of the capitalism. Taking as a base the idea of Reclaim The Streets that spread globally through the PGA, the first anticapitalism illegal street party was made in Uruguay.

In the afternoon Ituzaingó street, next to the main square "Matriz", was occupied with a varied range of activities and proposals. With an environment of banners and informative panels, with different topics such as genetic foods, education, child labour, the use of the bicycle, the land, poverty (war against the poverty and not against the poor) they intersected the street with bicycles, plants and a small orchard.

The festival day began with very varied music and free food - fruits and organic vegetables, breads, cheeses and fruit salads that helped people to bear up under the intense sun which shone during all the day.

The celebration stood out by the varied thing: candombe, tango, dances, guitars and songs, games, juggling, marionettes, street theater. That they animated to young people, adults and several children who concurred during Reclaim the Streets.

The police presence, was not intense, they controlled the situation, but they allowed the street to be occupied during the 8 hours that the activity lasted. They very unable, as intended, in finding an organizer to make responsible for the situation, since being an open action, all were invited and there were no identifiable heads.

Some individualized groups converged with their proposals, such as Izquierda Revolucionaria, a political group that took a big anti-capitalism missile, and they distributed flyers against Bush's war and against capitalism. Others that participated actively were the 'Union of Street Artists' who adorned the street party, with marionettes, theater and guitars. The group "Pulsarte", participated with a mobile literary coffe, where different works could be read to own election.

During the day the community radio of the neighborhood 'Contonia FM' made a special transmission with reason of this action.

The open tango class interacted with occasional pedestrians who wanted to dance in the street. Concluded the party, the dance took more life with a vent that gave had finished the activity.

Indymedia made a great photographic covering, so soon we will publish pictures with more details in some of the local places in spanish of the network -

Other press were also there. The state channel 'Tveo' filmed the activity, some radio stations did interviews and it was covered by several community radios from montevideo.

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