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From: Peter Kropotkin (
Subject: The Glen: St Leonards
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 17:49:26 -0800 (PST)


What's the Glen?

It's a little urban natural oasis of ancient woodland and wetland in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex. It's less than five minutes walk North from St Leonards Warrior Square railway station, nestling between Woodland Vale Road and London Road.

Why "Save the Glen"?

Developers W.A.C., based in Bexhill, want to build flats all over it, to make a quick buck. Last Autumn, and more recently on 21/11/01, they've moved on and begun clearing from the Woodland Vale Road frontage back towards the valley bottom. Many local residents want the Glen preserved as a community open space. The Council have made some general pronouncements against greenfield development but claim they can't do anything because there is existing planning permission dating from 1989. The Residents Association offered to buy the land and W.A.C. seemed at one stage to be pursuing this. Word is W.A.C. is desperate for cash. But then, on 21/11/01 they appeared on the site with their digger - in effect tearing up the emerging compromise.

What going on?

Plenty! The Residents Association is continuing its efforts to raise the money and buy the Glen. We're protesting (see pic from 25/11/01), lobbying who we can, and doing all we can to keep the pressure on W.A.C. Rumour has it that a spontaneous nature reserve and maybe even barricades will be starting to bloom where W.A.C. has bulldozered...

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