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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 16:30:21 +0000
Subject: -ALLSORTS-news mix 27th Nov

Green Front A12 protest (Utrecht, Netherlands)

From: "Vrienden van GroenFront! | EarthFirst! NL s.g." (

On Monday, November 19th, 50 activists from Green Front (Dutch branch of EarthFirst!) and Friends of the Earth Utrecht occupied the Nieuwegein office of 'Rijkswaterstaat', the government infrastructure planning office, to protest against the expansion and relaying of the A12 motorway. They stormed in, dressed as Dutch traditional 'zwartepieten' (moor assistants of holiday - saint Nicolas), spending time throwing around traditional pepper nuts, until they were dragged out by the police through an emergency exit.

Rijkswaterstaat has been one of the major lobby parties behind the expansion, that is taking place in a salami-slice style. In 1996, the Green Front occupied a construction site, when the motorway was being expanded between Utrecht and Bunnik. Now, not only will the A12 be widened to six lanes, it may also be relayed right through historical forrest area between Bunnik and Driebergen, east of Utrecht. The trajectum decision was recently made - the construction could start in two years time.

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