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To: "Networking Newsletter Project's emailing list":;
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 21:31:51 +0000
Subject: Networking Event of the Year!

NNL planning networking event Sat 26 January 2002 (Manchester)

The Networking Newsletter Project is planning to hold a major networking event on SATURDAY 26 JANUARY 2002. This event, funded by the "Acorn Trust", aims to bring together groups and individuals working on every area of social justice - from neighbours working for cleaner streets to animal rights protesters, from asylum seeker support groups to the Ramblers, from NGOs to the smallest, poorest groups.

PLEASE put this date in your diary, your groups' diary and pass it on. To make it as successful as possible we need to get as many different groups/people there as possible. (Fliers etc will be available in early January if you want some for putting in your mailing or dropping off at a local library and so on.)

The format is yet to be decided but we envisage: stalls and displays by groups; group members and the public wandering about, chatting to people; a tea/coffee/cold drinks room and area for people to chat away from the buzz of the main room; an area for people to put up forthcoming events; a short plenary session (essentially the NNP's AGM) and then off to a quiet pub for people to discuss more. A full report will be produced and mailed out to as many groups in the area as we can find addresses for (and put on our website too).

We hope the event will -

- help groups network with others and share skills and experiences

- promote the good work of the Networking Newsletter Project (NNP), and help develop it (the more groups getting involved with the NNP the more everybody can get out of it!)

- raise awareness amongst the general public of issues important to those attending, hopefully the public getting involved with some groups present

More details will be forthcoming in the next newsletter (due out at the end of November) but PLEASE start telling others of this date (Sat 26 Jan, 2-5pm, probably Friends Meeting House). Offers of help welcome!


6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS
Tel - 0161 226 9321

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