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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 14:09:14 +0000
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed news 6th November

Nine Ladies Anti-Quarry Update

by Nine-Ladies-Cyber-Pixie-collective 6:22pm Sun Nov 4 '01 - (Modified on 9:48am Mon Nov 5 '01)
address - Nine ladies, Stanton Moor, Derbyshire
email -

Nine Ladies Anti-Quarry update - a recent report of what's happening at the protest site in Darbyshire. We're coming into our 3rd winter now, and still going strong!!!!

I thought it time there was a recent update as to what is happening at the Nine Ladies Anti-Quarry Campaign in the Peek District National park in Derbyshire.

Winter is approaching again for the 3rd season as the Samhain fires die out. Still nothing is happening with the courts and its looking like the next date will be in May sometime. The protesters are preparing to face another winter on the moor.

The resolve and the dedication to see this through no matter how long it takes and no matter happens burns within their eyes. Marshalls plc have their work cut out with this crew and it's going to cost loads and loads to get them out, if Mother Nature in her extreme condition cannot shift them.

Last month saw the release of local Lee from prison, who has served 6 months for destroying £24,000 pounds worth of equipment belonging to Blockstone our neighbouring quarry. [see below re length of Lee's sentence]

On Halloween, the pixies stuck again and Trash trashed the machinery and diggers etc in Blockstone - the damage estimate is unknown as yet but it's likely to be high. Trash was unfortunately caught and has been charged with criminal damage, and is likely to face a jail term, the battle rages on.

If the current UK legal system work for the people and not just for the corporations then there would have been a legal outcome a long time ago. But the system is corrupt and it stinks of back-handers and golf club handshakes and pure greed. Marshalls plc, who have just currently brought out Stanticiffe Stone, will have the final say.

On Marshalls' website, they have a page about their committment to the environment and what their company is doing to help preserve our country and national heritage, and it reads like they really care, and they would never do something such as quarry in our national parks.

Is this Corporate Greenwash? or do they really care?

Marshalls are trying to distance themselves from this matter, saying that its still Stanticliffe Stone which has the say. But we know different, and if they want to keep the corporate nice guy image, then they best back down and not quarry such a beautiful place or there will be media exposure through the usual methods.

We still need your help and support in any way possible. From writing letters and emails, to making art pictures, highlighting the campaign in anyway that you can. Any donations off any kind, will be good.

Remember your protesters this winter - for some it's the 3rd time round. And also remember it's not Peek Park keeping your national park safe for you in the summer, it's the protesters.

Peek Park spent thousands of pounds this summer at the Nine Ladies Stone Circle with a full research team and archaeologists, and a man in a porter cabin to guard the fence!

They spend a few weeks digging various holes walking round with various sticks, and very expensive equipment and coats to match. They found an empty cigarette pack and a few ring pulls.

They were also met by protesters who set up there own information bender and stayed the whole time that they were there to make sure they weren't doing anything that they shouldn't be doing.

While they said they trusted us, they spend thousands of pounds dragging a big steel porter cabin right up onto the moor itself, and installed a 24 hour security guard to guard the fence round the holes they dug.

Stanton Moor can be a very hostile place if the weather decides to change, and at night it's not the most inviting of places to stay, let alone on your own in a metal hut. They got through quite a few security guards over the weeks, with reports of strange happenings and being scared half to death. We took them food and coffee on really cold nights and tried to make them feel safe - we did what we could for them.

The outcome of all the money the Peek Park spent on this little dig was a big sod all. And has done nothing to help save the place. Just more delays in court as Marshalls flexes its multi-million pound wallet.

What is definite about this campaign is that the fight will go on, no matter how many people are paid off and who gets involved. It's going to be very expensive either way to Marshalls plc or to the moorland or the local residents. The implications of there actions have such a wide reaching effect that it's imperative that we do everything in our power to try and stop this from happening in our national parks. - add your own comments!


a site resident's addition to the article, by anon 9:48am Mon Nov 5 '01

ok, here we go with what i see as a very important addition to this article!

First of all, Lee was jailed for 8 months, not 6.

It looks likely that Trash is gonna get jailed for trashing the diggers and other quarrying machinery at our neighbouring quarry owned by Blockstone, who have rescently applied to extend their already huge quarry and to re-open another on Stanton Moor itself next to the Nine Ladies Stone Circle. He is gonna need lots of friendly support, so put pen on paper and get scribbling - send to nine ladies aqc, c/o Brambledene/ Stanton Lees, Nr Matlock, Derbyshire and we will forward them to him.

It is still a possibility that shit could hit the fan on the 30th november. Having lived on numerous protest sites, i have learned NEVER to trust or believe ANYTHING (press releases etc) that the big bad companies say! We are hoping that we will win this campaign and will stop at nothing until we do so! Support has been dwindling over the last year and although we have a good number of dedicated people on site, we need more peole to get involved. We need people to come to the area and see for themselves exactly what Marshalls plc want to do. We need people to come and stay and build defences and to live as part of the community, and we always need people to bring supplies.

Our wish list is found on An addition to this list is a MOBILE PHONE as our last two broke for reasons other than accidental (our next one will be looked after by a responsible person(s) only).

To see for yourself is to truly believe - hearsay is merely rumour. Here we stand to defend this sacred ground hand in hand and heart to heart. We came together for a common cause.


how to get there

the A6 runs between Manchester and Nottingham TP (the Transpeak bus runs completely along the A6)

By Bus - TP from Manchester/Nottingham to Rowsley Peacock Hotel then cross over the A6 and on the road signposted "Stanton in Peak", cross over the River Derwent and instead of turning right, go straight on up the track road and continue through the sheep fields (it is a public footpath) and it brings you out at the camps!

By Car - Get to Rowsley and turn into the road opposite the Peacock Hotel signposted "Stanton in Peak". Go over the River Derwent and follow the road to the right. When you get to the top of the hill, turn left at the crossroads, go past the phonebox on the left and continue until you reach the camps which are on both sides of the road.

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