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Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 17:51:31 -0000
Subject: loombreaker 23

Manchester Hunt Sabs Need You!

Delayed after the Foot and Mouth crisis, the new fox and hare hunting seasons will be starting soon. Hunt Saboteurs from Manchester and all over the North West will be attending hunts in Cheshire and Lancashire to prevent these hunts from killing. Hunt saboteurs take action where it counts in the killing fields using non-violent direct action tactics to save the lives of hunted animals.

From using hunting horns and voice calls to run off with the hounds at fox hunts, to standing in front of the shooting butts on the grouse moors, to wading through the rivers at mink hunts, protecting our wildlife from the "sportsmen" who get their kicks from killing, we'll be going out every Saturday and some weekdays from now until the Spring. Anyone who'd be interested in coming with us to help prevent the slaughter of our wildlife would be most welcome.

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association, P.O. Box 239, Manchester, M14 7XB
tel - 07960 038230
email -
web - (contains information on basic tactics and advice for new people)

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