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Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 17:51:31 -0000
Subject: loombreaker 23

South-East Manchester Multi-Modal Study

When is a bypass not a bypass?

When it's a 'small road', of course! Nationwide, the government are going ahead with a new slew of road building programmes but, because we've got a Labour government, with an 'integrated transport policy' this road building programme will also include a few token gestures towards public transport - and never mention that word 'bypass' again.

This, they hope, will forestall any of those nasty anti-road protests that scuppered the roads scheme of the last government. The 'South-East Manchester Multi-Modal Study', is one of 17 around the country announced in March 1999. Details for Manchester include bypasses round Alderley Edge, Poynton and Stockport, plus the widening of the A6 through Stockport. The A555 Manchester Airport Link Road is also included; in fact, access to the airport seems to be a bit of a priority, since one of the few public transport measures will be the extending of the Metro to the airport. This extension will, be built, of course, by a private company like Serco, the present Metro controller, who also run the Commonwealth swimming pool and various military bases around the world.

In the government's own questionnaire more people wanted to solve congestion by cheaper bus and rail fares (29%) and by better public transport (28%) than wanted more roads (26%). But, since privatistion, the government has very little power to make public transport any better, as Stagecoach and friends pursue profits above all else. Railtrack has collapsed, but even now the government are looking to a group of banks to take it off their hands.

Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative (MERCi) are writing a fuller report on the Manchester Multi-modal Study - contact Loukas or Gill on 0161 273 1736

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