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Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 18:37:39 +0100
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed news 23rd October part 2

From: mark smith (

Summer EF! Gathering 2002! planning meeting

Dear friends...

there will be a meeting to form a new earth first! summer gathering collective at the West Country Activist Gathering below...come along if you're interested!

for all the info you need look at

10-6 on 10th November to co-ordinate with the WTO in Qatar, in St.Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, Bristol -- £3 voluntary donation, full disabled access, workshops etc. with a separate evening social - dosh going to refugee action.


the Earth First! Summer Gathering is happening August 1st to 5th, in Derbyshire. We'd like your ideas and offers of help in all areas - get in touch! And stay updated by looking at

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