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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 19:57:47 +0100
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed news 12th October

Devizes plane tree update

From: "ELP Support Network" (

The last remaining tree in the town centre of Devizes, Wiltshire, England, is going to have an independent tree surgeon assess its health.

The London Plane tree was one of four which was literally marked for the chop by the local council when they declared the trees to be diseased. Despite strong opposition, which has included thousands of people signing a petition, on Sunday (7th October) contractors fell three of the trees. However local people managed to prevent the felling of the fourth tree by forming a picket around the tree, organising a tree sit and by parking a car under the tree. This tree action protest has remained strong and has drawn much local & regional media interest.

The protesters have always argued the tree is not diseased and that the felling of the trees is merely part of the councils redevelopment for the town centre. Today, in response to the direct action protests, the council agreed to have an independent tree surgeon look at the tree.

This is a small victory for this local based direct action. Where petitions failed, non-violent direct action has achieved this small victory. Lets hope it leads to the total reprieve for the tree.



Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 19:07:08 +0100
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed selection 18th October

After a high profile direct action campaign which involved tree sitters, pickets with placards and a car deliberately being parked under the threatened tree, the Council conceded to call in an independent tree surgeon to assess the health of the tree.  And the result?  The tree is not diseased! This means the tree stays.

Fantastic news and a total victory for this local campaign.

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