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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 20:51:49 +0100
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed news items from A-infos

From: Vrienden van GroenFront! (

Belgium - Reclaim The Streets

Capitalism - Terrorism - Anarchists Party in Leuven

On Sept. 15 more then 300 people joyfully liberated the town centre of Leuven, Belgium, from cars, in a succesful Reclaim the Streets. Anarchists carried a banner stating "Capitalism = Terrorism". Locals responded enthousiastically. Police limited themselves to guarding the EU ministers of transport, using horses and two watergunvans. The ministers had moved to a different location for their meeting at the last minute. The Belgian chairing minister, being from the green party, wanted to avoid a confrontation with the anticapitalists.

The anarchist social centre, made a statement describing the alienating role of the car: "Who has any real influence over her own life? 'My car, my freedom' has democraticised a dream, the American dream or the workers dream of an own house, garden and car..., an all-dominating dream. But the number of awakened will steadily grow with polarisation of society and the dream will reveal itself as a fata morgana - the deceit! - in a destroyed desert of barbarism populated by completely alienated and frightened (white) individualists!"

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